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Centennial Plaza

With refurbishment to the entry foyers of towers B and C at 280 and 300 Elizabeth St Sydney and a new end of trip facility, this project was contingent on precision planning and on time completion of works. Both lobbies had to remain in operation with fully tenanted floors occupied during the construction stages.

Starting with the end of trip facility, existing bathrooms were merged to create 1 large female shower and change rooms, with a complete refurbishment of existing accessible bathroom. Existing storage and cleaning facilities were converted into a new male shower and change room to accommodate all building tenants. Along with bathrooms, a large and secure bike storage area with lockers was created within the existing carpark. Creative user of signage and floor painting was used to unify the space.

Works to the lobbies had to occur while in use, so extensive use of hoardings and safety procedures were required to maintain business continuity for all tenants. The largest part of the works involved the removal of existing ceilings and installation of new feature ceilings to both lobbies. Works were staged to accommodate continued use of lifts and lobbies, with minimum disruption to building tenants.

Both lobbies received new wall finishes (stone and colour back glass) along with new flooring (stone and refinishing of existing). Feature rugs were inset into the flooring, and stainless steel cladding to columns was installed. Both lobbies received updated signage and designer furniture resulting in a sleek and modern finish.

Duration 26 weeks

Size 500sqm

Designer CCP Corp

Address Surry Hills