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Wanting to consolidate their workspace by relocating offices from L38 to merge with existing on L44 Glencore engaged SPM to deliver their new head office in a live environment. With a design brief that involved single issue of drawings and no continued architectural input, a close working relationship with Client was vital to the success of the project.

With an evolving design and tight budgetary constraints, SPM were required to propose cost saving options and alternative construction components to accommodate. Along with the fitout and construction of new office space, works to existing occupied office were needed to consolidate the 2 spaces, after hours and with minimal disruption to the business community.

Having extensive harbour views, glass was used extensively throughout the fitout. In order to create elements of privacy within the space, frosted film was used at midlevel to ensure obstruction of views was kept to a minimum. By adopting this approach all offices and communal spaces have access to the stunning views.

Being in the premium Gateway building at Circular Quay, there were significant restrictions and documentation requirements. Working closely with building management and our contractors, we worked within the bounds of these restrictions to complete the works as scheduled.

With significant lift upgrades commencing at the completion of the project, works to lobby and bathrooms was postponed. It is expected that these works will commence in late 2016, offering SPM another opportunity to work in this landmark building.

Duration 12 weeks

Size 1,300sqm

Designer Via Studio

Address L44, Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney